Curves : A Minimalist Watch with No Dials.

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Curves is the essential, No Dial - No handed wristwatch that emphasizes style and simplicity. It is a minimalist timepiece governed by no hands.  Designed Unisex for both Men and Women.

The Curves Watch enables the wearer to read the time in a new way: rather than concentrating on the seconds and minutes, as one does when reading a digital clock, the wearer instead focuses on the hours, the watch’s no hands, and its curvy position between the hours. This way, reading the time is more natural. It stands in contrast to digital displays where the user anxiously watches the minutes and seconds slip away.

While they use fancy-looking concentric rings to tell the hours and minutes, the process requires you to jump through a lot less mental hoops than the typical funky timepieces we normally see.  The curved end of one circle stands for the hour, while the outer one tells the minute -- that's it.

New Concept of Reading time - Freedom from hour and minutes to Calm our mind.