Know The Easiest Way To Do Facebook Advertising

Are you looking for an easier way to do Facebook Advertising, which will be a more effective way to promote and grow your business than print ads?

The first and foremost thing is you need to know what type of Facebook Ad is suitable for your business growth.

Types of Facebook Ads

1.Facebook Messenger Ads:

Marketers know that images play an essential part in Facebook Advertising design and campaigns. Facebook gives you three types of Facebook Messenger ads that allow you to personalize your message ads to a finely-tuned degree.

Messenger ads: These appear directly in the Messenger home screen alongside your target audience’s inbox.

Sponsored messages: These allow you to deliver a message directly to anyone you are already interacting with—perfect for product recommendations or special offers.

Click-to-Messenger ads: These appear in the Facebook News Feed or on Instagram. They differ from regular News Feed ads by having a “Send Message” button that will open a chat feed.

Facebook Advertising

2. Facebook Lead Ads:

Facebook lead ads are budget-friendly, mobile-friendly ads that can help one reach your audience and acquire more leads – even when they are on their phones. Lead form ads include a call-to-action that opens a form pre-populated with any information the user has already provided via the Facebook platform. These details can then be reviewed and edited before submission.

The actions that Facebook lead ads allow are:

  • Sign up
  • Learn More
  • Get Quote
  • Subscribe
  • Download
  • Apply Now

Facebook Advertising

3.Facebook Story Ads:

Facebook Story Ads a new way to engage users and promote an offer. This is especially significant when you consider over 300 million people use Facebook Stories, with 68% of users utilizing stories regularly on at least three apps. Facebook Stories Ads are visual advertisements placed in the Stories feed on mobile devices. Image ads in this format can appear up to 6 seconds, while a video ad can appear for  15 seconds long. To visit an external page (e.g. post-click landing page), users need to swipe up on a call-to-action.

Facebook Advertising

4. Facebook Collection Ads:

Facebook Collection ads are designed specifically for the mobile format. A collection is a new Facebook ad format for mobile devices only that features a video, slideshow or image above a group (or “collection”) of linked product images. Consumers can click and tap through product pages and full-screen Canvas images or videos, turning your ad into a sort of mini-storefront and commercial rolled into one.

Facebook Advertising

5.Facebook Canvas Ad:

Facebook Canvas ads are interactive ad unit that fills an entire smartphone or tablet screen, combining images, video, and carousel to create a memorable and stunning visual experience on mobile. Although Canvas ads are still a relatively new ad offering from Facebook, many businesses are already exploring ways to use them for various direct response objectives

Facebook Advertising

So these were the types of ads available for users to grow their business through Facebook Advertising. All those are keen to grow their business first need to identify the most suitable ad format for their product or services and then start with Facebook Advertising as it’s going greatly reflect in business growth.

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