Case Study: How We Reduced Monthly Google Ad Spend by 24% for Real Estate Agency While Maintaining Quality Leads

As we released our partnership with Client, a actual real estate advertising employer that works with housing groups alongside the East Coast, one of the primary demanding situations became growing price performance at the same time as maintaining effectiveness for paid advertising. Across Client’s 240+ homes, there have been distinctive budgets being applied for Google Ads. Additionally, the overall approach for decreasing spend as homes reached occupancy became useless.
The former approach broadly speaking centered on finances discount in place of the particular forms of campaigns that might maximize conversions at the same time as additionally lessen Google Ads spend.

Previous Strategy: Inefficient Budget Allocation

For the preceding approach, whilst a belongings reached a 60-day occupancy price of 93%, non-area campaigns have been paused. These non-area campaigns contained key phrases like “studio apartments” or “1-bedroom apartments.”
When the occupancy price reached 96%, emblem campaigns have been paused. 
Lastly, whilst the occupancy price reached 98%, the finances became decreased to $280/mo. for that belongings. That approach had numerous disadvantages. Firstly, it became now no longer an green manner to control finances allocation. Our crew mentioned that for numerous homes, specifically in Microsoft Advertising, the non-area campaigns produced conversions at decrease CPAs than the emblem campaigns. Therefore, turning off the non-area campaigns earlier than the emblem campaigns became now no longer an optimized approach for monetary effect.
Second, our crew additionally observed times in which homes did now no longer rank properly organically, and consequently it became greater powerful to preserve the emblem marketing campaign on. The preceding approach did now no longer permit for most useful finances allocations in times like that either.
Lastly, the effect on finances became very inconsistent at the 98% mark. Reducing spend to a static quantity had distinctive affects throughout homes in keeping with their budgets. For example, a belongings that had a finances of $500 might lose 44% of its finances, at the same time as a belongings with $3500 might lose 92% of its finances. To growth performance within side the accounts, we had to allocate budgets greater accurately throughout the diverse homes.

The Solution: Budget Reduction Via Sliding Scale

Working collaboratively with Client, we analyzed their ancient discount in budgets primarily based totally on what that they’d preferably spent at each occupancy stage beneath their preceding approach. Through that process, we decided that rather of getting a strict machine of turning off campaigns once a designated occupancy threshold became met, we evolved a sliding scale for decreasing budgets. Reducing Google Ads spend via way of means of a percent stage in place of to a particular quantity ensured the approach had a steady effect on homes with distinctive budgets.

  • For homes with 95% occupancy, we decreased the month-to-month finances via way of means of 20%.
  • For homes with 96.5% occupancy, we decreased the finances via way of means of 40%.
  • For homes with 98% occupancy, we decreased the finances via way of means of 60%.

By proportionately decreasing the finances throughout accounts in preference to turning off positive forms of campaigns, the finances became distributed in which became maximum powerful.
To lessen the finances, we carried out diverse techniques relying at the satisfactory lead-generating campaigns in addition to the occupancy tier. For homes with 95% occupancy, we decreased spend for campaigns and advert groups that had the very best ancient price-per-leads. Reducing Google Ads spend concerned any aggregate of decreasing day by day budgets, pausing useless key phrases (or advert groups, or campaigns), and/or decreasing the scale of a centered geographic area.

For homes with 96.5% occupancy, we decreased spending addition via way of means of turning off all however the maximum lead and CPL performing key phrases/textual content ads/advert groups/campaigns to make use of the finances for the satisfactory lead producers.

For homes with 98% occupancy, the emblem marketing campaign became paused. The belongings natural listings and Google My Business profile captured searches and leads.
We additionally paused Client’s emblem campaigns due to the fact the belongings natural listings and Google My Business profiles have been doing properly sufficient at catching searches and leads that the branded campaigns have been a pointless expense.

The Results: Financial Savings and Increased Revenue by Google Ads

Revenue By enforcing this approach, we decreased month-to-month spend via way of means of 23.72%, or greater than$130,000.
There became an anticipated lower in conversions for the reason that fewer human beings have been changing on homes that have been too near complete occupancy to be powerful. However, it stored spend on Client’s cease and allowed them to higher fill their homes throughout the board, growing each occupancy and revenue. Client became pleased with the results, and left the financial savings in advert spend up to the discretion of the belongings managers to make use of, possibly on additional advertising activities. Overall, implementation of this approach gave Client any other manner to reveal their advertising effectiveness to new, ability condo community partners. By leveraging data-pushed techniques evolved via way of means of a crew of experts, Client can growth income and employer revenue, further to the financial savings skilled from the approach itself.

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