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How Our Conversion focussed Google Ads PPC Marketing Resulted In 92% Lower Cost Per Conversion For The UK Based Travel Agency

Case Study : How Exactly We Reduced 92% of Google Ads Cost While Maintaining the same results For A UK Based Travel Agency

Travel industry is a highly competitive particularly in European market. As emarketer reports, More than 13% of Digital Ad Spending share in Uk is from the travel industry. 

Out of the total £14.73 billion ($19.64 billion) worth of digital ad spends in United Kingdom, tourism industry continues to grow competition with sharp spikes in cost per clicks ( CPC ), Cost per conversions and CPM (cost per million impressions ). 

Digital Marketing For Travel Agency

Google Ads, Previously known as Google Adwords Continue to Evolve as the major revenue source for travel agencies and most of the other digital advertisers. Typically, The cost per click on google ads vary between £0.2 to £15. That means, For each click on google search, the client will be spending anywhere between £0.2 to £15. Basically for 500 clicks/day, The daily ad spend goes anywhere between £100 to £1500. Profits, ROI, Revenues are all dependent on the conversion rate the website has and the type of deal that the travel agency is offering. 

About The Client

The client is a multi chain travel agency located in London, United kingdom. Being in the travel space for more than 15 years, they have strong base in united kingdom offering luxury travel packages with pricing starting £2500 pp.  Their digital marketing spends were about £5k- £7k a month.

PPC Expert Google Ads For Travel Agencies In London
PPC Marketing - 7 Days Result

Our Google Ads Strategy For Travel Agency

The client approached us through a referral and our google ads experts suggested the client to try a 7 days Google Ads PPC Marketing Challenge.  Our 7 days PPC Marketing plan is completely free and you can give a try by clicking here

DAY 0 : Audit By Google Certified PPC Experts

The moment client signed up our our 7 days FREE Google ads Management service , We assigned them google certified PPC experts. The client provided us access to their google ads account and we had a detailed audit on the past performance with PPC ads.  The conversion tags and analytics were already set up properly.

On reviewing their google ads account and google analytics insights, We found that the conversion rates are well below industry average. The minimum cost per conversion was somewhere more than £100.

After analysis their google analytics, We found that the website landing page they use for google ads is nowhere optimised for conversions. They are having a less than 0.7% conversion rates which means out of 150 website visitors, only 1 visitor is converting. 

we prepared a detailed optimisation plan and sent it for the client to get an approval. The client was quick enough to approve the changes recommended by our google ads experts.

Day 1 : Optimising The Website For Google Ads

Our day 1 went on building the required landing pages/ lead generation funnels which were pre-optimised to have good conversion rates specifically for travel agencies. We designed the landing page considering all the factors that can influence ad costs on google ads.  We prepared the pitch line, and aspects like the unique selling propositions offered by the client to build a funnel perfect landing page. If you are new to build a conversion optimised landing page or a high converting lead generation funnel, You can refer tutorials from neil patels website,  Althrough hubspot and clickfunnels have some excellent source of case studies that can get you higher conversion rates.

Day 2 : Building High Performance Google Ads Campaigns

We had the already studied the clients google analytics data and prepared an PPC marketing plan. Now all it required was to put things in action.

On Day. 2, We build a high performing google ads campaign for the client targeting all profitable keywords that could land the client with better conversion rates.  Our google analytics data allowed us to filter up demographics, audience and lot of other factors that can influence the clients conversion rates. More than 5k Negative keywords were added to the campaign and things were set to track unusual clicks.  It took us just an hour for our search ad campaign to get approved by google ads staff. We started getting clicks and conversions.

Day 3-7 : Optimising Conversions

Things were in place to block unusual clicks and banning ip addresses of unusual visitors ( The goal is to prevent click fraud, which is unfortunately, still Relevant in google. We do this to block our competitors from clicking our ads that can result in wasting up our daily spends). 

Our team of google certified ad experts were monitoring the campaigns, search queries ,ip addresses, demographics, and conversion paths. Round the clock optimisations were made based on our findings. We measured and track every minute things to make sure we get the best for our client. 

PPC Marketing Results

The 7 Day Google Adwords Management performed really well with client getting 10x more quality leads at 92% lower ad cost. The screenshots of the clients google ads account is given for your reference. The one marked in red was the previous results while the once in green is the result from our 7 day pay per click management. The client was super excited, We finally had the client signed up for a yearly contract and we received out cheque right on the 7th day.

PPC Expert London

Getting Started

Oops,  we forgot to share you the link to try our 7 days PPC services. If you are looking to give a try, The link is right below. Head up for reading this case study. Hope you will have a good day today.

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