How To Use Google Lead Form Extensions :Step By Step Guide

Google Ads Lead Form Extension
Google Ads Lead Form Extension

Finally, Google introduced Lead Form Extension after the success of Lead form across other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.

A Lead Form is a Form that captures Leads by asking them to enter several details like email, phone number before they can see your website or flip-book.

This helps in knowing who viewed your Content and how they interacted with you by tracking down your Leads.

Now coming to this Lead Form Extension, the reason why Lead Form Extensions are used is to make the user stay in the platform. Basically, when you enter a Lead Form by filling out all the required information they want the user to stay on the platform rather than taking them to different pages or sites.

You can customize Lead Form with your own Tittle and Description and can also choose which pieces of information you want to ask your customers. You can design to attract Customers with a Call-To-Action such as a special offer or anything, which can be accessed only after filling out the Lead Form.

Isn’t this amazing? All in one Platform!

Let’s see how to use(attach,edit&remove) lead form Extension for your Search campaign.

Step By Step Instructions:

  1.  Login to your Google Ads account.If you don’t have one the create a new Google Ads Account.
  2. Once you Login click Campaigns on the left side of the menu.
  3. In Campaigns select plus button, There select New Campaign.
  4. Go to Goals sections and select Leads.
  5. Select the search option under “campaign type”.
  6. Now click Continue. 
  7. Now enter your Campaign Settings.
  8. After entering details, In the Ad Extensions List select Lead Form Extension.
  9. If this is the first time you are using Lead Form Extension then review and accept the terms of services for this feature.
  10. Enter your Extension text and create an Extension by selecting Extension call-ti-action, be careful while giving Extension text because Extension text will not be translated to users’ device language whereas the call-to-action will be automatically translated to users device language.
  11. Now create the Lead Form by entering the following details:
Lead Form Extension
Lead Form Extension
    • Enter your business name, headline, and description.
    • Select what information you want to ask for (you have to choose at least one option to continue further)
    • Specify the URL for your Privacy Policy.

12. Create a Message that should appear once the user submits the form :

Lead Form Extension Subission Page
Lead Form Extension Submission Page
    • Fill the headline and description text.
    • You can even select available calls to action for your users on the submission page.

13.Once you have finished all these click Save.




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