Advanced Google Ad Words Tricks to Drive More Leads

Google Adwords Strategy
Google Adwords Strategy


Google Adwords is one of the best platforms to drive sales and leads for your business.

But going in blind and expecting to strike it rich is a fool’s errand, we can’t jump into Google Ads with zero plan of attack or strategy and make millions

Google Ads takes serious skill, planning, and time.

With Google Ads, you need a strategy going in.

You need a proper goal, keywords, picking the right medium, Research, creating ad groups, and offers/landing pages, tracking conversions and even perfecting what call to action you are using.

As you move further Google Ads continues to be complex.

Ready to create your own personal Google Ads strategy plan to drive power results?

Here is how you can drive more Leads using Google Ads.

Set Your Goals

Social Media Marketing Setting Goals
Google Ads – Set Your Goals

The first step to creating a Google Ads strategy plan that works is developing your budget.

And this may be harder than you think.

It’s not as simple as “let’s try $700 a month and see what happens.”

Depending on what industry you are in and how expensive keywords are, $700 could be far more than you need to start out or barely enough to scratch the surface of your advertising potential.

Keyword cost per clicks varies from cents to dollars to hundreds of dollars.

Taking average conversion rates and cost per clicks in your space, you can plan out a realistic budget forecast that shows you:

How much you need to spend
How many conversions you can expect on that ad spend
A general prediction of ROI
Take a look at average CPCs and conversion rates for your industry and conversion rate benchmarks.

Now, once you have that information, it’s time to forecast your budget, starting with average conversion rates.


Do Some Analysis

Google Ads-Do Some Research
Group of People with Research Concept

This is where the maximum of a while is spent when working on a brand new campaign. Here are the 3 types of research to do:

1 Keyword Analysis– Use keyword gear to discover the most applicable keywords human beings are typing into the search engines like google and yahoo to find your product/service/company.

Plan to spend at least a few hours on this…it’s the muse of your campaign.

2)Competitor Analysis –Study the groups bidding on these key phrases in AdWords.

See who continuously is rating at or near the top of the rankings you may use a spy device like iSpionage to help.

Note their ad reproduction and offers, visit their websites, sign up for his or her mailing lists, purchase their products, etc.

3)Analyze Your Audience –Where are customers shopping for and reviewing products/services if you get feedback then read their reviews.

What do they love/hate about your competition? What are the deep needs and desires they’re trying to fulfill? What emotions are they expressing? While getting to know them, appearance for excellent quotes you can use for advert copy.

Pick Your Advertising Medium

Do your research and decide on which medium you would like to run Google Ads, whether it is Search or Display or Shopping or YouTube, etc.

Which advertising network that Google offers is best for your business?

This heavily depends on your budget.

If you have a large budget and cheap keywords / CPCs, you can likely attack multiple platforms right off the bat.

Create Your Offers/Landing Pages

For your touchdown, web page, preserve it easy and make certain you maintain a message in shape by persevering with the same key-word target and the exact same name to motion highlighting your offer.

An irresistible offer on your landing web page will overcome numerous other deficiencies for your AdWords campaign. During your research, you saw precisely what all your pinnacle competition are offering.

Find out Your Exact Match Keyword

finding the right keywords on Google Ads isn’t an easy task.

Whatever you do, please don’t select the most basic, head term in your industry.

These are by far the most expensive and competitive terms and won’t be your most profitable.

Most people make the mistake of finding big keywords with tons of volume and thinking they need it.

When first starting out with AdWords, keep your keyword list very small like some 5 – 10 keywords and very focused. Usually, people who are ready to buy or looking to buy are most likely typing into Google.

Add all these keywords to your campaign as Exact Match keywords it means your ads will only be displayed when someone types that exact term into Google.

This ensures your ads only show up for the most relevant search queries and not for variations Google thinks are relevant, but aren’t.

Over time, eliminate the keywords that aren’t getting clicks/conversions and expand upon the ones that are.


Create Ad Groups

The bigger your budget, the more ad groups you can develop and give attention to.

The smaller your budget, the more focused and honed-in you will have to get.

Once you have narrowed your keyword list down and selected a few that you want to attack, it’s time to create focused ad groups.

Focused ad groups will dramatically improve quality scores.

Group Similar Keywords Into Ad Groups

Each key-word in your marketing campaign represents a communication happening in the mind of your prospects. The more you could maintain that communique in your ads and landing pages, the much more likely you’ll get the conversion.

Ideally, every key-word could be in its personal ad organization with particular advertisements that lead to a completely unique landing page. But that’s no longer sensible in maximum situations.

So group your key phrases into tightly associated ad businesses based totally on the searcher’s intent. For example, keywords that include “buy”, “purchase”, “exceptional deals”, etc. Represent people closer to the quit of the shopping for cycle. The ads and touchdown pages for these keywords have to be more focused on final the sale.

Keywords that include “reviews”, “information”, “how-to”, etc. Represent human beings still doing their homework so the ads and landing pages need to be greater instructional in nature.

At last, Choose Your Bidding Strategy Wisely and send your Google ads campaign live.





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