9 Upcoming Website Design Trends For 2021

Looking for the latest Website Design Trends? Or Want to update your Website According to the latest Website Design Trends? Or Want to gain more traffic to your Website?

Digital trends and consumer expectations change daily. Some trends are aging and continue to evolve, but others are gaining momentum. This means entrepreneurs need to keep up with the latest Website Design Trends to stand out from the crowd. Because it matters?

Shopping Website Design
Shopping Website

Customers continue to visit a lot of websites, which means businesses somehow have to grab their attention and keep them on the platform. One way to be successful is to create a Website Design solution that is visually and intuitively appealing.

2021 Website Design Trends
2021 Website Design Trends

After collecting modern Website Design Trends examples and doing our UX research, we started noticing patterns. In today’s large and fast-paced online world, amazing user experience and creative Website Design are not just fun additions, they are essential and essential to the success of your website.

The new year is just around the corner and we’re starting to explore the next Website Design Trends for 2021. We’ve taken some time to highlight the 2021 Website Design Trends that are having a big impact on the online world. Now, let’s take a closer look at the top Website Design Trends in 2020-2021 and see how popular brands are successfully implementing them.

We have compiled a list of innovative Website Design Trends in 2021, so you're ready for a change.

1. Dark mode

One of the most popular Website Design Trends is dark mode. Many companies are starting to offer dark mode versions of their websites, and we believe this Website Design Trend will continue to grow in 2021. Dark Mode, Night Shift, and other low light UI options provide a website or a low-contrast program for users who are easier to see in low light conditions.

Website Design
Website Design In Dark Mode

Here are the main reasons for the popularity of big brands :

  • Looks very modern;
  • Helps to highlight and discover other design elements
  • Conserves battery power (in the case of OLED / AMOLED screens)
  • Reduces eye strain in low light conditions.

Our team believes the popularity of dark mode switches on websites could increase the number of black and white Website Design projects in 2021.

2. 3D Design Elements

3D design features have captivated consumers for many years. The popularity of this trend will only increase in 2021 as VR and technologies gain momentum. So combining these techniques to create hyper-realistic 3D images that cover the entire user’s screen becomes a great idea. Website Design Trends allows User Interface designers to decorate their websites. In doing so, they encourage prospective clients to stay longer and extend the average length of sessions. Such visualizations engage users by crossing the boundaries between virtual space and real life.
One of the key requirements for the successful implementation of 3D graphics is a high-performance user interface for your Website. If your platform is not loading fast and is not optimized, it will not be able to handle such heavy content smoothly. As a result, your website may experience delays, short response times, etc.
Our designers have designed a page full of different shades and colors to add depth and make the website of this mortgage center more sophisticated.

Website Design
3D elements in Website Design

We find a flat Website Design that appears in three dimensions to be more visually appealing and sometimes leads consumers to the next stage of the sales process. Some of the more common flat 2.0 design techniques to add more depth to Website Designs include the use of shadows, shadows, or two-color schemes, as in the website design example above.

3. Embedded Video: Website Inspiration for Homepages in 2021

We might be biased, but using videos on your website homepage is one of the top Website Design Trends of 2021. As we used a series of short background videos from our Blue Compass homepage, the project is a great way to demonstrate our services and our positive corporate culture. When users visit our site, they will immediately know who we are, what we do, and how our team interacts. If you are creating a new website Following the Website Design Trends in 2021, we recommend that you include the video on your homepage.

Website Design
Embedded Videos In Home Page For Website Design
4. Voice User Interface

The way we access information is changing: now we no longer type into Google, but ask a question or request. This means that Website Design hosts a plethora of voice chatbots and virtual assistants. Voice assistance and virtual assistants are definitely becoming one of the biggest tech trends. This is a new technology that is expected to become popular among the Website Design Trends in 2021. They are changing the way you search for information, take notes and more. Brands like Apple, Android, and Google are embracing this trend in their UI / UX design process.

 Voice User Interface
Voice User Interface Embedded With Website Design

You can take it one step further towards human-centered design. Embrace the trend of creating a voice interface to become a leader in your niche and stand out from the competition. While the rumor is sparse on most websites, this new trend isn’t for the foreseeable future. We can expect more and more websites to integrate voice search as an option for traditional text search.

5. Amazing Product Photography

The era of classic, realistic product imagery is a thing of the past. Forget them and notice a new Website Design Trends : drawing surreal objects. It is expected to expand to most e-commerce platforms and online stores in 2021.
The main idea is to blind customers and gets their attention by showing interesting and unrealistic elements. They force potential users to use their imaginations and stay on your website longer. This way you can extend the average session length and possibly increase your conversion rate.

Online shopping is generally much easier and more convenient than going from one store to another. But when it comes to custom items like clothes and furniture, there’s a big problem. Not being able to see, touch and feel these products in real life makes it very difficult to decide whether to buy the right one or not.

Products Photos For Website Design Trends
Products Photos For Website Design Trends

For this reason, we are seeing a shift from thumbnails to large, detailed product images on websites. Many of them also allow you to display them in 3D and rotate 360 degrees. For excellent examples, Designer Tula Microphones; and Apple AirPods Pro. Other companies may also let you put your products in context. For example, Airbnb offers a pre-rent 3D tour of the property, and IKEA uses an AR app so you can see what a sofa in your bedroom might look like.

As we continue to spend more time at home and shop online in 2021, we expect many more devices to appear in this area. However, you don’t need to be a tech genius to help consumers know the products on your site. For example, all you need to do is photograph your product next to the human hand to give buyers an idea of what it really is.

6. Mixing Graphics and Images

Another one among the popular  UI / UX  Website Design Trends is the application of graphics to images. This fusion technique allows you to release your creativity and bring great designs to life. This collage trend is versatile. You can use it to create baby product photos and to give seriousness to the financial or technical side. It’s a great way to personalize your images and add personality to your Website designs. Do you want to make the most of these Website Design Trends? Combine the design style and images with your brand personality.
Using real photographs with photographs or graphics creates a cohesive website message. Whether you are designing a product or a person, it will help you maintain your brand. It’s also a great way to stand out from the crowd.

Graphics In Website Design Trends
Mixing Graphics And Images For Website Design Trends

Overlaying or layering graphics on an image creates a special visual effect. This bonding usually occurs: It can be used to add charm. They obscure complex attributes, making it possible to convey abstract concepts. It is a way to personalize images and add personality.

Attractive Graphics For Website Design Trends
Attractive Graphics Mixed With Images Used In Website Design

How to maximize the flexibility of this trend? Match your photography and graphics style to your brand. This has a big impact on how the user interprets the photos. For example: for funny pictures in the entertainment field, you can choose cartoon graphics; intricate geometric shapes are suitable for an online store with classic clothes; The restaurant windows blend beautifully with retro graphics.

Mixed Graphics For Website Design Trends 2020
Mixing Graphics And Images For Website Design
7. Data Visualisation

New ways of visualizing data must be found now. The point is, tables, databases, lists, and other formats seem outdated, unattractive, and boring. Abstract data visualization is a good solution for technology and manufacturing-focused Websites.
Do you deal with hardware, server peripherals, or any other technical product? Illustrate your products in an abstract way by showing axes moving in all directions. Following these Website Design Trends UI / UX design companies claim that these images appeal to consumers and impress plumbing, depth, and fluidity.

Data Visualisation In Website Design
Abstract Data To Attract First Users in Website Design

It is difficult to convey data in an attractive way. But it is worth fighting because data visualization takes advantage of the fact that humans are visual beings and still convey the message that is needed to convey. Data visualization creates images of your data that engage the reader and encourage them to learn more about your brand. Infographics and charts are some of the most popular ways to bring your data to life.

8. Bold Fonts

Bold Fonts is one of the booming Website Design Trends. A visit to many large company websites will show you that bold typography is in vogue. With bold and bold, the reader recognizes the message immediately, not necessarily the image. Combining these large fonts with neutral colors further enhances headings, quickly becoming their “image”.

 Bold Fonts Used In Website Design
Attractive Bold Fonts Used In Website Design

Heavy fonts aren’t innovative in 2020, but the trend is gaining traction. The fact is that most users pay attention to the site title first. For this reason, it is important to grab the attention of customers by using bold type in headlines. This method allows you to add more visual meaning to information, category, topic, service, or product. Aside from usability, this Website Design Trends adds a modern approach to Website Design.
For example, Apple uses bold type in the titles of its websites, especially on its product pages. Thus, the company emphasizes the high quality of its products.

9. Bold Colors

2020 stands for bright and bold colors in web design. Colors that didn’t seem to match perfectly harmonize perfectly and grab consumers’ attention with their distinctiveness. Especially when users are more likely to visit minimalist websites with a limited number of colors, the vibrant combinations will surely stay in their memory forever.

To be successful in following Website Design Trends, you don’t have to be afraid to try new things. Use vibrant neon shades and rich colors for your Website Design.
Colorful minimalism goes hand in hand with one of the hottest trends of Website Design of 2021: color! Bright, vibrant, and rich colors will help your brand stand out from the soft neutrals that many businesses have chosen in recent years.


Website Design Trends for 2021 are a mix of bold old-fashioned fonts, 3D features, the dark mode, abstract data rendering, and a voice-controlled user interface. To effectively create a unique and engaging user experience, try to pick multiple trends.

At Busyorders, we firmly believe that the main aim of Website Design is to help customers achieve their goals. For this reason, don’t try to overload your website with countless web design trends that can degrade its usability. If you are looking for a Website Design agency to meet all your needs and requirements, hire UI designers from Busyorders who will be more than happy to help. Contact us for a free quote and to make your idea come true.

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