9 Common Mistakes In Website Design That Must Be Avoided

Do you know the Common Mistakes In Website Design That Must Be Avoided when you design a website?

When it involves keeping up a website, the primary element that must come to one’s thoughts is Website Design. This includes the font, the layout, the colors, and the general appearance and experience of the internet site. It is not an easy task for a Website Designer. As a Website Designer, one must have good experience and creativity to create a website that is influential to every website visitor. They have to understand precisely what a business owner requires proprietor, in addition to what’s going to get good Website traffic to make the leap and interact with the decision to action. With all of that being said, errors do happen. No Website Design is perfect, and generally, a Website Designer is operating on numerous exceptional websites at once, leaving greater room for Mistakes In Website Design even as growing a brand new website or app.


If you’re interested in correcting the Mistakes In Website Design then here are a few Mistakes In Website Design that needs to be corrected.

1. Relying on Home Page Slider

For a few cause, it appears each different internet site has homepage sliders that deliver a couple of and regularly competing messages to customers. It is a Website Design element that turned into famous whilst it got out. However, in 2020, it has emerged as outdated, and those are now not inquisitive about them. It is likewise the website element that designers hated the maximum. From the angle of a business, there may be not anything incorrect with sliders being displayed on the home page, however, the fact is they simply don’t work. The cause home page sliders aren’t powerful is they don’t convert customers, and those don’t take a seat down round searching at those sliders earlier than beginning their journey. Sliders serve a distinct reason due to the fact if visitors aren’t searching at them, what else should they be for? Well, maximum groups use it to remedy inner troubles with the aid of using retaining all stakeholders satisfied and important. They don’t remedy any troubles for customers and shouldn’t be taken into consideration any extra among precise Website Design practices.

The Solution:

What do you do if you may not upload a slider on your house web page? You simplify the home page! If you’re hosting your Website on HubSpot, you may take benefit from the Smart Content Features that let you craft and show a completely unique message this is going to extrude relying on the variables you’ve selected as your cause points. For instance, you can have a distinct message for customers. However, in case you need the ‘flashiness’ of a slider, you ought to test out a few alternatives with animations or videos.

2. Confusing Navigation

You would have encountered websites wherein you didn’t realize the way to get around or wherein you must pass from the home page. These are the websites wherein there’s an excessive amount of going on at once, and that has a jarring impact on customers scrolling the website for the primary time. It’s something that makes many websites go wrong, and maximum websites with excessive jump fees tend to have complicated navigation. If the person doesn’t realize wherein to head at the internet site and not using a clean menu seen to them, you shouldn’t count on to transform plenty of traffic. There had been many instances wherein the Website Designers attempted to be too clever, different, or innovative with the navigation handiest for it to backfire spectacularly on them ending up with Mistakes In Website Design. Being precise and innovative isn’t a terrible component but it should not lead to Mistakes In Website Designs. In seeking to stick out from your competitors, you may compromise the person enjoy to the factor wherein site visitors don’t realize how to navigate at your Website or what they must do.

Mistakes In Website Design- Navigation bar
Confusing Navigation Bar

The Solution:

You don’t need customers guessing on the way to use your website as that must be intuitive. The menu to your website must be outstanding and clean on the home page and should be smooth to spot, actionable, and easy. Don’t get stuck up in attempting to affect customers as it may effortlessly have the other impact through complicated customers with overstuffed navigation menus, which is likewise terrible in your Website’s SEO. Therefore, you must restrict the primary menu alternatives to approximately five or 7 and make sure that the dropdown menus are prepared and smooth to apprehend. Your website analytics will let you know plenty approximately what paths site visitors to your internet site are taking to get to wherein they need to head, and wherein customers are losing off to your website after they must be staying and changing into sales. Keep this in thoughts while putting in place the shape of your menu as you need it to be smooth to apprehend and fast deliver customers the data they want.

3. Too Many Call-to-Actions

Everyone has encountered a website that is clogged with Call-to-Action buttons. Call-to-Actions do serve a cause to your website and must be on the home page, however, they handiest paintings while you area them strategically. Too many Call-to-Actions on one web page is overkill and doesn’t gift an expert picture to site visitors who might also additionally sense as though you are attempting too hard. An overabundance of Call-to-Actions will handiest deter customers from clicking on them, that’s the other of what you need them to do. It feels pushy and gimmicky, and nobody likes a shop clerk this is pushy. Instead, you must be conscious of the hierarchy you’re growing with the fashion of your buttons.

Mistakes In Website Design- CTA's
Too many CTA’s in Webpage

The Solution:

A powerful CTA doesn’t want to be flashing or be purple with formidable lettering. You shouldn’t have all of your CTA’s searching similar to well. The pleasant manner to comprise Call-to-Actions to your web page must be for bottom-of-the-funnel offers, and also you must have a ghost button for hyperlinks that direct customers to inner pages at the website. Don’t be afraid to feature in-textual content hyperlinks to your Call-to-Actions due to the fact from time to time a hyperlink doesn’t want to be a button and something associated with the textual content with an easy arrow displaying the person to dive deeper.

4. Too Much Animation

Animation and video are trending in Website Designs properly now, and architects have commenced experimenting with shifting factors. Video animations are proving to be immensely successful. However, in terms of animations, you must constantly use the Jurassic Park Rule – Just due to the fact you may do something, doesn’t imply which you must do it. When each detail in your web page is shifting, it’s miles distracting for traffic as they can’t attend on one thing. Actually, interest spans are shorter now, and also you ought to attempt the entirety to affect traffic, however, you may effortlessly pass overboard with animations. You need to draw your visitor’s interest however closer to one thing, now no longer the entirety at the web page, which isn’t going to provide you any results.

Mistakes In Website Design-Animations
Too Many Animations In A Webpage

The Solution:
Intentionally putting animation strategically can be a Mistake In Website Design which will draw your visitor’s interest closer to important factors including the bottom-of-the-funnel offers, touch forms, or stay chat. You shouldn’t be intimidated through animation and video due to the fact the smallest moves may be the maximum effect.

5.  Jarring Color Combinations

All you want is round 5 to 6 hues for top-notch searching  Website Design, and maximum well-designed websites have a tendency to have the best 2 or three hues with their color variations, making up 90% of the webpage. When it involves hues, you must use them sparingly in your pages as too many or vivid hues now no longer best confuses the mind however is uncomfortable to the eyes. The textual content in your website must be readable, and low-assessment textual content like yellow textual content on a white heritage isn’t best difficult to examine however makes for painful viewing. On the alternative hand, an excessive amount of assessment isn’t the answer as well, like including white textual content on black heritage.

Mistakes In Website Design- Bad Colors
Bad Color Combinations

The Solution:
You need to keep away from darkish backgrounds in your websites as humans decide on mild backgrounds, and that’s why maximum websites these days use them. Switching among mild and darkish backgrounds additionally reasons eye discomfort, and also you don’t need your traffic struggling once they go to your website.

6. No Contact Information

This one looks as if a given, however, you’ll be amazed what number of internet site designers pass over this step. Obviously, your website offers a specific purpose, whether or not this is to elevate cash for a charity, promote services or products, or proportion mind and feelings via a blog. You will want to acquire comments from every of your website traffic, and you’ll want to be reachable. This is why it’s important to put up your contact details in a visible place on your website. This consists of your phone number, e-mail address, and a hyperlink on your social media accounts. 

The Solution:

It’s one among the most simple Mistakes In Website Design. Don’t back off from sharing your contact details on your website, so place a clear call-to-action in the header with your direct phone number, which would look something like this:
Call for a Free Estimate today! 800-555-5555
If you don’t want to appear too sales-y in the header, you could simply highlight your phone number so that your customers know exactly how to get in touch with you from your website.

7. Not Using Analytics to Measure Performance

One of the worst Mistake In Website Design, you have to keep away from in 2020 isn’t always searching at and analyzing important information generated with the aid of using customers on your website. Statistics display that an amazing 75% of small agencies don’t use analytics gear to check their overall performance. That’s something you have to keep away from doing, as your website is an investment, and the best manner to defend its miles to degree achievement and examine progress.  It’s a big oversight in case you don’t use analytics to check overall performance due to the fact the important thing to achievement in on-line advertising lies withinside the capacity to check, song, degree, and adjust.

The Solution:
Google Analytics gives one of the satisfactory approaches to song consumer behaviors in your website and permits you to install desires so that you can song conversion. Numerous loose plugins allow you to degree your internet site’s achievement, and you could integrate the analytics together along with your marketing and marketing marketing campaign to particularly goal your advertising to a target market that brings achievement to the enterprise.

8. Confusing Brand Message

Another underrated ‘worst’ internet designing mistake to keep away from isn’t always being clean for your brand message. All the big-call manufacturers rely upon clean and concise messaging, which truly indicates to their audience what the brand is about and what they ought to offer. It’s something you need to get proper due to the fact you don’t need your target audience scratching their heads, thinking what your enterprise stands for or what it gives to them. The most crucial component which you have to get is a proper brand message by storytelling. You should create content material that is compelling and connects along with your target audience on an emotional level.

Mistakes In Website Design- Confusing Brand Message

The Solution:
To stand out from your competitors, your brand message needs to be on-factor and need to come from the values and ideals of your brand. The content material on your website needs to cope with the motivations and wishes of the audience rather than focusing on the accomplishments of your emblem.

9. Weak Search Engine Optimization (search engine marketing)

Most agencies count on that badly designed websites are the ones wherein the front-dealing with consumer enjoy is substandard. However, it’s content material to be able to make or ruin your lead technology or traffic. Quality content material gives a remarkable price and is likewise located organically with the aid of using search engine crawlers. However, there are no magic components on the subject of excessive search engine scores. That’s in particular due to the fact excessive search engine scores don’t take place in a single day however are manufactured from months or even years of difficult work. Search engine algorithms have grown to be smarter than ever earlier than and price a website primarily based totally on several metrics.

Mistakes In Website Design

The Solution:
There’s no point in having a Website if there is no SEO done for the website, meaning much less publicity for you on-line, and fewer people locating your website. To enhance the search engine marketing of your website, you have to recognize the long-tail key phrases as they’re easy to rank for and additionally bring applicable leads.


Don’t be too difficult on yourself in case you observe what you’ve made among the above-mentioned Mistakes In Website Design we highlighted or god forbid, all of them! Everything goes to be adequate due to the fact all of the worst Mistakes in Website Designs we’ve got highlighted are fixable, and the maximum may be resolved without a lot of work. You need to now no longer underestimate the Website Design of your business website as it could make or ruin your whole business model.  We’ve highlighted the common Mistakes in Website Design you have to keep away from in 2021. As we usher with the new decade, it’s crucial for you to distance from those Mistakes In Website Design and create an interesting on-line enjoy for your customers. If you’re seeking out satisfactory Website Design professionals or are worried about your business website, get in contact with busyorders for good Website Design services.

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