4 Lead Generation Strategies To Increase Your Sales

Lead Generation Funnel
Lead Generation Funnel

The process of attracting your ideal customers and making them buy your products or services is called Lead generation.

These Customers are Called leads.

There are many ways by which Leads Can connect with your business say like adds, social media or networking events, and your website.

Normal people who visit your site can become your Leads by taking some small actions like:

  • Registering for webinars.
  • Signing up for your email lists.
  • Subscribing for free trails.

Let’s see some strategies to increase your Leads

1. Break And Rule

You will lose your leads if you don’t nurture them properly, hence the basic step in Lead nurturing is Dividing your customers into different groups based on behavior, interest, locality or location, etc, etc.

Know your customer or Leads do research on them and then plan to come up with some content for them. Create separate content for different categories of Leads.

Research includes:

things you need to know

  • Basic information(age,location,income etc)
  • Family & career
  • Preferred content formats (blog posts, videos, social media posts, e-books)
  • Responsibilities
  • Pain points
  • Places where they frequently find information

* Awareness level

Try solving tour customers problem, whatever content your providing should answer which your Lead is trying to solve. It should include answers, resources, and insight.

* Consideration level

Your content helps your Leads to understand whether you can solve their problem or can you give a solution to their problem.

Also, you need to still nurture your clients by giving certain insights or offers to gain their trust and to take up your service or product.

* Decision level

At this stage, you will nurture your clients or leads such that they will be made to take some micro-actions like taking up a free trial or claiming your offers, etc.

All these data will help you to make better content to attract them.

2. Use Email Marketing

Mial types
Email types

Email is the backbone of  Lead nurturing since it allows you to communicate one-on-one with your Leads You can use it to nurture your Leads.

There are three major types in Email which you need to include in your Lead generation Strategy :

  • Drip emails keep your brand top-of-mind as your lead moves throughout their buyer’s journey. A drip series can help you nurture new Leads and retain current customers.
  • Triggered emails, such as an abandoned cart or welcome series, are sent in response to an action taken by your subscriber, making them more relevant and timely.
  • Nurturing emails use the power of automated workflows to trigger the send of emails based on the actions a subscriber has with you over time. Delivering this personalized experience speeds up sales cycles and lower the cost per customer acquisition.

3. Meet Your Customers Demand: Customize your Leads

Lead Nurturing
Lead Nurturing

One of the important things in Lead Generation is to Get Personal with your Leads. Combine your marketing automation system, Lead data, and segmentation. Now build a relationship with your Leads by recognizing them as an individual with unique wants and needs.

You can use dynamic content, which allows you to display different versions of an email, web page, or landing page depending on who is on the receiving end. It means that instead of creating individual campaigns to move your different Leads you can use only one campaign to do that. It will save your time as well as campaign tracking will be easy and also gives personalized experience.

Other than this you can do this on your website or emails with responsive design.

4. Use Social Media To Nurture Your Leads

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the most important part of Lead Generation. It is the easiest and powerful medium to create awareness among Leads about your product or service. Moreover, nowadays people are more comfortable to browse information in their mobiles especially through Social Media.

Don’t neglect this field. Start working on this come up with great and useful content that brings more and more Leads to you.

You can nurture your Leads regularly about your offers or promotions.

It helps to build a loyal relationship with your customers or Leads.

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