Fix existing Ads for higher conversions : Fix most common mistakes that 80% of business owners do while running ads. These simple fix can increase your sales, leads and business inquiries.

Lower your cost per results : We get you the exact working strategies that can lower your cost per sale/ conversion or cost per leads.

Razor sharp Ad tuning & Performance : This customised action plan will help you optimize your ads for higher performance that helps you easily scale and multiply your results.

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This customised strategy action plan is prepared by industry experts after reviewing your ads, landing pages and social media.

" This Action plan helped us get 10X more leads without increasing ad budgets"

- Abella Violet, United Kingdom

How It Works


Sign up to book an appointment for the ad review and consultation. You will receive the meeting link as soon as you complete the signup.


One of our 10+ years Experience certified ads expert will review your campaigns & prepare your action plan. It typically takes 3 to 4 working days for us to prepare the plan.


You get a detailed action plan with list of action items that can incredibly increase your sales, leads and business inquiries.

Growing a business is hard. We make it a whole lot easier, Quicker, more predictable, less stressful and more fun. With the most ruthlessly effective marketing action plan for rapidly scaling businesses on planet earth.

" This action plan has helped our campaigns to achieve 2.5X higher ROI & saved us over $30K/ year in ad spends"

Nicoles, Sr. Marketing Director, NY

" our online consultations have rapidly improved with over 3x increase in new appointments by implementing the strategies recommended in this plan"

Dr. Ivan , Femscare

" Our lead generation ads have been performing great with over 30 to 50 new leads per day for our travel agency without increasing the ad budget"

M Shelly, Entrepreneur, London

Client Case Study

Our certified Ads Experts with over 10 to 15+ years experience will audit, review & build a customised strategy with action plan for your business. Watch out few results below

Client Case Study 1 : Insanely low cost per purchase for a ecommerce brand based in India

The client, based in India has been able to see incredible growth in online sales & we saved over 90% of their monthly ad budget. After a detailed review and audit, we found the ad budget was wasted on few unwanted audiences and the budget was extremely wasted with competitor ad clicks / bot clicks. Our ads specialists helped them with an action plan to fix these issues. After implementing the plan, the client get over 162+ sales consistently every day.

Google Ads Marketing for Salon
Case 1 : Search Ads Fixed by our ads specialists for insanely high ecommerce sales

Client Case Study 2 : Lead generation for Travel Agency

A travel agency based in London was struggling to get even 3 to 4 leads per day while spending huge on ads. After our review, we found that the pixels and conversions were not configured properly which resulted in higher cost per lead with search ads. Our ads experts identified and prepared the action plan for them with necessary step by step instructions to fix their campaigns. After implementing this action plan, The client now get over 1200+ High value leads every month.Thats roughly around 40+ leads a day and over $ 1.2M in sales / Month.

ads expert
Case 2 : Lead generation ads fixed for travel agency by certified digital marketing experts

Client Case Study 3 : Social Media Leads Campaign

A real estate agency based in India signed up for this action plan and used to get around 0 to 1 leads every day. Our ad specialists, after reviewing their campaign found that the ads are misconfigured which had resulted in ZERO conversions. Our ads experts prepared a detailed action plan to fix their campaigns which resulted them over 40+ leads per day without increasing their ad budgets..

Digital Marketing
Case 3 : Lead generation campaigns by digital marketing experts

Here is a summary on how this action plan has helped over 800+ businesses in United kingdom, United States, Canada and India

ads specialist
Digital Marketing Agency
Seasonal Marketing

More than 400 ecommerce businesses have achieved 45% increase in sales after fixing ads in 45 mins


867% More leads for B2B companies, and over 1042% increase for small businesses after using this 45 min fix


Saas based companies have witness over 170% increase in demo request and new signups on their platforms

Google Adwords Management Services

Revenue/ Sales Screenshots from our clients

Website Designer
Clickfunnels Expert

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Is this a tool, online course, webinar or something like other bunch of services around the internet ? This is one of the services where our experts will study your ads campaigns and prepare a detailed strategy and action plan that can maximise your conversions. This program is not a webinar, course or tool, but an actual step by step strategy action plan customised for your business

How this works? Unlike many services where you hire digital marketing experts who literally do not bring you any results, this action plan is a one time fee service where we study your ads campaigns and recommend you fixes that can increase your conversion rates. Once you signup, We book your call with a 10 to15+ years certified ads specialist who will prepare your action plan to scale your ads

What are you different from other digital marketing agencies ? This action plan has everything you need to succeed online with step by step instructions and strategies to superboost your sales/leads. We don't have any monthly fees or subscriptions. We will assign you the best of digital marketing experts to review your campaigns & prepare your strategy action plan.

What happens after i signup ? Soon after you signup, we will send you the appointment booking link to schedule a call with our ads experts. During the scheduled call, You can share details about your campaign or share your screen to help us identify issues, suggest you a strategy and prepare your action plan.

Do you support social media ads? : A Yes, We support all PPC ads ( G00gle(TM) Ads, FB and Insta gram(tm) ads.

Is there any monthly fees or subscriptions: There is no monthly fees or subscription with this program. This is a one time fee

When do i receive my action plan after signing up : Soon after you signup, We will have an initial audit with a call to understand more about your business and marketing goals which should complete in first 48 hours after you signup. After this initial audit/ review, We would need 3 to 4 working days to prepare your strategy action plan. We will keep in constant touch with you in order to prepare the best possible strategies for your business growth.

Do i need to add you access to my ad accounts : It is not necessary for you to add us access for any ad account. However, we need to see and review your paid ads for which you can share us your screen or send us screenshots/ reports. We will advise you on getting the necessary data/ reports soon after you signup.

Do you build new ads campaigns for us or edit exiting ads : This strategy action plan will have step by step approach to help you fix your ads campaigns without hiring any digital marketers. However, If you need to help to implement the strategies, we will help you out.

Do you suggest us on landing page optimisations and increase our conversion rates on website : Yes, Landing page optimisation is a part of this strategy Action plan. Our experts will do a detailed audit & review of your landing pages and suggest you on the necessary changes that can improve your website conversion rates.

Do you design ad content, graphics or videos for our marketing : This Action plan is exclusively for paid ads strategy that you can easily copy- paste to see your sales skyrocketing. However, we can advise you on the ad content, marketing pitch line / content if you request for the same . If you need design services, We can recommend you service providers for graphic design or video ad content services.

We don't have a website yet, will this action plan be helpful : This program does not include website design or landing page development services. However, We can recommend you the best in industry website designers who can build you a conversion optimised landing page.

Do i need to pay anything extra if i need any help with my action plan? : We have included a 30 days support post getting you the action plan. You don't require to pay anything again during this period.

What if i don't see results? : We will leave no stone unturned to help you maximise your return on investment and a senior ads specialist with over 10 to 15+ year experience will directly prepare your strategy action plan. However, If you don't see results, We have a 30 days refund policy and you can raise a refund request by raising a email to our team.

What are your refunds/ cancellations policies ? : You can cancel or request a refund anytime within 30 days of our services.

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We help businesses to insanely grow their sales, leads and inquiries with help of high converting ads.

Fix Higher cost per lead / Cost per Purchase : Is your cost per lead or purchase extremely high ? Do you feel ads are expensive ? If yes, We can help you reduce your advertising cost.

Fix Low Performing Ads : Ads not performing consistently ? we can help you with fix and stabilise your results.

Improve Results: This program is for you if you'd be interested to scale and improve your campaign results.

New ads campaigns: We help you with the best in industry strategy if you are starting new with ads.

Landing Pages: We help you optimise your landing pages/ website for conversions with proven industry strategies that work like a charm.

Fix Nil Or Zero Conversions : Are you wasting your ad spends while it is not getting any results ? This program is must for you.

Fix Pixels : Does the technical configuration of pixels/ conversion tags bothering you ? We help you Fix your fb Pixels, conversion tracking or tag manager issues in the right way.

Fix Audience and Targeting issues : We help you Fix your Audience and targeting that can maximise your ROI.

Fix Ad disapprovals or low impressions : We help you fix your rejected or disapproved ads or ads with low impressions.

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